Схема магнитолы blaupunkt pf1

схема магнитолы blaupunkt pf1
Updated variants ML 2.10.1 thru 2.5 add MAF Mass Air Flow sensor logic and direct fire ignition coils per cylinder. The effect of a wrap plug is to cause transmitted (output) data to be returned as received (input) data, simulating a complete communications circuit using a single computer. In telephone systems, the signal sent as part of a loopback test is referred to as a loopback. Main system characteristics Fuel delivery, ignition timing, and dwell angle incorporated into the same control unit.

Compared to 1.7, Motronic 5.2 has OBD-II capability and uses a hot-wire MAF sensor in place of the flapper-door AFM.[20] See also[edit] References[edit] External links[edit]. Major change was the introduction of DIS ignition. However, if the engine is turbocharged, an additional charge air temperature sensor is used to monitor the temperature of the inducted air after it has passed through the turbocharger and intercooler, in order to accurately and dynamically calculate the overall air mass. Major change was the use of a MAF instead of AFM in the Motronic 1.5. 1.5.4[edit] Was used since 1994 in the Opel Omega B with X20SE engine. (Modified successor of C20NE engine) Major change to the Motronic 1.5.2 was the use of DIS ignition system and knock sensor. Contents Motronic 1.x[edit] 1.0[edit] Often known as «Motronic basic», Motronic ML1.x was one of the first digital engine-management systems developed by Bosch.

Sequential fuel injection and knock control. 2.8[edit] Successor of the Motronic 2.5. Was used from 1992 at Opel C20XE engine. A loopback test is a test in which a signal in sent from a communications device and returned (looped back) to it as a way to determine whether the device is working right or as a way to pin down a failing node in a network. Was also uses in the Opel engine X22XE. 1.7[edit] The key feature of Motronic 1.7 is the elimination of an ignition distributor, where instead each cylinder has its own electronically-triggered ignition coil. Also uses in the Opel engines C16SEI 1.5.2[edit] Was used since 1991 in the Opel Astra F with C20NE engine.

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