Оригами схема рыба

оригами схема рыба
But once you’ve mastered the origami koi, you may want to use a more exotic paper, like a metallic Origami Paper which really makes the origami koi a true masterpiece. Fold the fins of the koi upwards… Origami Koi Step 7: …then do a reverse inside fold on each fin: Origami Koi Step 8: Now put a a finger or thumb in the «pocket» on the front of the piece, and hold it firmly. After blowing up it would become beautiful and lightweight. Did you make this origami? If so, upload your photo (2MB limit) via the comment box below.

Try this action on a single unit to train it. Достаточно простая модель оригами для ребенка 3,5- 4 лет. Kusudamas are easy to fold and very impressive. Then push with your finger to the center of the module. It deforms and blows!

This is a famous fold and is called a Petal Fold. Такую рыбку можно использовать в аппликациях или оформить рыбками поздравительную открытку. Take the bottom corner and fold it upwards as shown in the next three photos.

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